1. 11. 16 sat down with Taina L. Parker to talk TENDER organics

Meet Taina Parker, creator of the recently launched Tender Organics, a natural skincare company with a conscious. Knowing that natural didn’t have to mean boring, the effervescent Taina set out to create products that are safe to use, are accessible to everyone, and smell and feel incredible. Read on to learn about Taina’s journey so far...

What do you think draws people to your products?

I believe people are drawn to my unique approach to skincare. I was so bored by the old ‘apothecary’ approach to marketing handmade products, and I believed that others were as well. I have always been a very colorful, outgoing person, and I felt that if I were able to successfully translate the essence of who I am into my products, people would embrace them...

6. 8. 15 named CEO & Founder of TENDER organics Taina L. Parker "Pynk Girl Of The Day".

Today’s PYNK Girl of the Day feature goes to Taina Parker, CEO & founder ofTender OrganicsJune 1st marks the launch of the specialty hand crafted soap. Making soap was a hobby Taina enjoyed for years. Not only was it fun, but it provided an opportunity for the energetic entrepreneur to express her unique sense of creativity. Which influenced her catchy slogan, “Where creativity meets science.”  A devotee to researching skin care treatment. She became an expert at creating yummy scents, infused with essential oils, and striking colors.

PYNK had the pleasure of meeting with her to discuss her brand. Check out some photos and the interview below.

What sparked your interest in making soap? 

I have been making my own skin care treatments for years, but one day my husband’s skin started drying up badly. So, we started paying attention to what he was applying to his skin. I found that the amount of harsh chemicals in his favorite soap were horrendous! I did a ton of research and started experimenting on him, and the rest is history.